Confections of a Rock$tar® is the first gourmet Rock n’ Roll themed bakery at the Jersey Shore.

Located in the heart of Asbury Park, NJ, we combine fresh baked goods with Rock N’ Roll! What better fit could there be than in a town that is already well known for its musical heritage?

“More Famous Than You” has been in the making for two years. The project was developed to align with the belief of giving back to others, and wanted to make it easy for fellow rockers who want to do the same.

This project allows Rock Stars an opportunity to do something great for their charities. They donate their time to bake at Confections of a Rock$tar® and design a product to sell that is intriguing, visually sexy, and rocks the taste buds.

Confections of a Rock$tar® then sells the finished product for one month, donating 100% of the profit to the Rock Stars’ charity.

“As a small business we give back whenever we can”

Wanna rock with us?

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